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Mobile Tones

Sound effects and melodies that mobile phones play when there is an incoming call or message are called mobile tones. The mobile tone is among the oldest and most common features of a mobile phone. Mobile tones come in various types: monophonic music pieces with similar tones, polyphonic tones made by several instruments and actual sounds or song clips. Some popular formats of modern mobile tones include AAC, MP3 and WMA. These formats, also known as realtones or mastertones, have gained prominence in the mobile tone market. They allow users to express their creativity and personality. The use of these types of mobile tones as phone alert depends on phone model and compatibility. Also, they may be played without an incoming call for sheer entertainment. The use of mobile tones triggered demands for customisation.

Mobile tones are already stored in the phone memory on factory settings. However, a number of websites and services provided by telecommunications networks allow users to download updated mobile tones. Mobile tones may also be transmitted using Bluetooth and infrared technology. However, these transfers may only occur for particular phone models and brands. Some mobile phones come with a piece of hardware called memory stick to allow bigger capacity for mobile tone downloads.

How do mobile tones work?

Once a call or message comes in, a mobile phone plays short audio file to announce it. Call and message alerts are usually familiar musical melodies, which help the user to identify the sound especially in a crowded place with loud surroundings. It calls the user's attention to incoming calls and received messages.

A mobile phone digitally receives a signal which activates the mobile tone. Mobile tones stop playing only when the call is attended to or dropped. For message alerts, the mobile tone may cease even when the message is not opened. It stops when the audio file ends, unless it is programmed to do otherwise.

Why do you need mobile tones?

Aside from calling your attention to an incoming call, mobile tones inform you that you have received a text message. On mobile phones with schedule organizers and calendars, mobile tones serve to remind you of upcoming events or activities. They are also useful when your phone alarm clock sets off.

There are models and brands of mobile phones that enable you to create your own tone alerts. This allows more customized mobile tones. Some phones can contain various tone alerts and assignments. You may program your mobile phone to have different tone alerts for messages, calls and reminders. You may also set varying tones for different callers.

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